LAB_LA Brakeless Bikes_

Our business was built around building one of a kind bikes that reflect your style. Whether you want to build an entire bike from the ground up or add to an existing bike, we are your resource for everything custom.

OPTION 1 - Build Your One Of A Kind Bike

In a world with limited creativity and one-size-fits-all, L.A. Brakeless offers a different experience. Our high quality bicycle parts put the power in your hands to construct the ride you want, mixing your ideas with the most up-to-date styles available. With the availability of various parts, colors, and sizes it's super easy and convenient to make a one of a kind bike that matches your style. 


OPTION 2 - Overhaul And Customize Your Existing Bike

We love finding older bikes and bringing them back to life with you. The process of overhauling an existing frame couldn't be more fulfilling and the end result more unique. We are specialized in creating one of a kind bikes and the most knowledgeable resource when it comes to piecing together the right parts for your project. Bring in your existing bike and let us build you a quote around bringing your bike to life. 


If you would like to build a custom bike online, then bring in the picture of what it would look like, please visit Fixie Studio at to build a one of a kind bike rendering that we can give you an estimate on.

Pro Tip: Go to garage sales, police auctions, and grandma's garage to get a great deal on frames or bikes in need of repair, then bring the bike to us to add custom elements like saddles, wheels, cranks, and handlebars. You can watch as we bring the bike back to life.