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L.A. Brakeless 

Located near Venice’s historic streets of Dogtown, where skateboarders and surfers rule local culture, L.A. Brakeless is part of the fabric of the beachside community. Where the Z-Boys and other street skating teams have ruled the streets, L.A. Brakeless represents Dogtown… whether you’re a longtime local or just passing through!


Hours of Operation:

We are open 7 days a week because we love what we do and want to make it easy for our customers to visit us. Occasionally, we do do need to change our hours do to sickness or other emergencies, etc. Please check our hours on our YELP page to get the most accurate information.

Winter Hours
Monday: 11-7
Tuesday: 11-5
Wednesday: 11-7
Thursday: 11-7
Friday: 11-5
Saturday: 11:30-6
Sunday 10:30-5




12220 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90066

Call or Text - 310-313-6300