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In our shop, we believe that exercise and cycling are empowering forms of personal expression.

We offer a full stock of bikes from beach cruisers, to Fixies, BMX, Mountain, Road, and Kids. We are your shop for custom bikes. 

Come in today and take one for a test drive or order the bike of your dreams and we will have it ready for you when you arrive.

Please Call Us To Order Your Complete Bike!


In a world with limited creativity and one-size-fits-all, L.A. Brakeless offers a different experience. Our high quality bicycle parts put the power in your hands to construct the ride you want, mixing your ideas with the most up-to-date styles available.

You have the option of building an entire bike from our selection or customizing an existing bike you own for a custom overhaul. Come in today and talk with one of our specialists for options that fit your budget.




In addition to selling products, L.A. Brakeless is your destination for repairs and bicycle work, a stellar service operation using local bike experts. You have a problem – we’ll take a look and give a straight answer.

With any purchase of a bike from LA Brakeless, you have the option to get an unlimited 3 year tune up plan on the bike your purchased from us. This will take care of most issues that require maintenance issues from riding your bike.



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12220 Venice Blvd., LA, CA 90066


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"It Never Get's Easier, You Just Go Faster." -Greg LeMond